Monday, 2 July 2012


My faves, my brother, juicy couture pj bottoms are massive, brother bought me back this from PGL, locked outside at 6am but I have McDonald's so it's ok, moody me, outfit, Viv Westwoods, sky, lazy in the garden, pepsimax, glossybox, mmmm food, taking pics of myself whilst sorting my room out, nails, hate my lips, coffee, post bath drink, went a bit OTT, yum, vodka, on sophs balcony, brothers birthday and he's eating all these ha, mirror pic, lips, vodka again, food with Jordan, driving, red dress, usual, love this, night bus into rusholme at 2am, McDonald's coffee at 6am before we go bed, opi, yum, soap & glory...

Lots of Instagram for you today, some are bordering on 2 weeks old, but since you've been lacking in posts from myself, thought it seemed okay to do this, so you know why not... Some photos not included as I felt they were a bit pointless! So yeah... Here's my Instagram update, not at all fun ha! I do like Instagram posts though.

If you want to follow me on there my username is bekixx
I've changed my settings to private, so I'll have to approve you, I approve anyone, well not anyone but you get my drift :)

Much love

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