Friday, 6 April 2012

Girl In The Red Dress

Hello lovelies!
Hope you've all had a lovely Good Friday! For you today, is a quick outfit post. I do have other posts lined up and saved in my 
drafts for the following days! More reviews on the way for you!
Today, is a red skater dress day. Can you believe it's from Tesco?! You can get some amazing bargains from there these days. The quality is great too. Definitely worth a look if you can't bear the thought on paying
 silly prices sometimes! I think this dress was a tenner. I can't remember.
The jacket too, I can't remember where I even got it from. I never wear it. Though today, I think is the first time wearing it. 
Wow! Also, bare legs on such a cold day. Brave? Probably!
Of course, my trusty M&S bag, and Primark necklace, 
Topshop ring making an appearance as always.

I am so ridiculously tired. Lack of sleep is definitely catching up with me! My sleep situation will never change though. Blah. And, on that note, time for coffee!

Have a fabulous Friday!
Much love


  1. I love this red dress!
    your outfit is amazing!!

  2. It looks lovely on you - I wish red was a colour I could pull off!