Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Striped Affair

Topshop tee.
Boohoo striped leggings
Primark jacket.

These leggings are so ridiculously comfy, the only downside of them is that they're slightly see through, so don't wear bright coloured panties! Did I just say panties? Haha! But yeah, or wear a oversized tee! I'm going to buy some more of them anyway, thicker ones, spend a bit more for better quality! Just wanted these for now!

I really want the Charlotte Olympia cat shoes knock offs 
from Missguided. For £23.99 as well,
 I'm going to snap 'em up, need the beauties in my life!

Did my nails last night. As you can see, nail painting isn't 
my forte! Really isn't. Always ends up looking so messy :(!

I used the V05 miracle oil last night . 
Already my hair feels so so amazing!
After hearing so many great things about it, 
I know I'm going to love this, 
and be deemed as my holy grail hair product!

I have a free GRAZE box in the post! Yummy yummy yummy! 
Thought I'd give it a try and see what it is like,
everything featured on their food range
all looks yum anyway, I'll be delighted either way!

I'm in such a good place right now.
The best I've ever been? Maybe so!
All my life I've let others walk all over
me but you know, I'm not a mug.
I think the best choice to make in life is
to be true to yourself, stick with your desire, 
your own mind. Take control of your life, 
your own life, you're in the front seat, 
take hold of the reigns and be amazing. 
Also, another thing, stop being around people
 who are negative and bringing you down. 
Surround yourself with happiness, positivity, don't let
 others stop you from doing what you want to do. 
Focus on your happiness, your life! That is all!

Text heavy I know! Sorry:)
Rebekah xoxo

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