Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lana Del Rey

2012 is definitely the year for Lana.
After releasing the hugely moving and
incredible 'Video Games' last year, she has 
made a name for herself in the music and
fashion world both respectively.
Her highly anticipated album 'Born to Die'
has been released, and I, myself
pre-ordered on iTunes. I just adore her.
Video Games is such a beautiful song,
the lyrics speak to me, the beat, the instrumental.
I also associate Video Games
with Gossip Girl, and the scene
between Chuck & Blair!

She has such an enigma attached to her. 
Mystery. Surprise. Beauty. Tough.
Marilyn Monroe esque charm and look about her, 
and she is so 60s.

Born to Die.
Favourite tracks:
Top 5.
001- Video Games
002- Diet Mountain Dew
003- Blue Jeans
004-Off to the races
005- Radio.

I also love her album from 2010.
Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant (2010)
Top 5.
001- Pawn Shop Blues ( ALL TIME FAVE, THE BEST)
002- Oh say you can see
003- Mermaid Motel
004- Kill Kill
005- Queen of the gas station.

      If you haven't listened to any of the tracks off her first album,
which is pretty much off the radar, and not highly publisied,
then I suggest you do. Listen to her emotions, her letting her soul
out through her music, especially the song Pawn Shop Blues.
Just, breathtaking.



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  1. There is certainly something appealing about her.
    That draws you in.
    I think it is in her eyes <3