Friday, 9 March 2012

My First Graze Box

My Graze box came this morning and have to say I love
 the delicious healthy snacks that were in my box! 
Oh and just to mention  this is 'the light box'- there's 
different nutrition boxes or a nibble box!

The Strawberry Milkshake
 (strawberries, banana and white chocolate buttons) 
was by far my favourite! The second being the Scandi Berries!
 I haven't tried the Super Berry detox yet,
 though I think I will just pop it in my bag as they're so 
handy when you're out and need a quick healthy snack!
 And the Wasapea I was excited about, I really did think
 I would like them. I sprinkled a few on my stir fry.
 Bad idea! Too spicy for me! :(

What is Graze you ask?
It is, described by them theirselves,
'Nature delivered with healthy snacks in the post' 
There is over 100 nutritious 
snacks from olives to yoghurt coated cranberries to flapjacks to 
berry mixes, there's so much to choose from!
You rate the snacks online. The higher you rate it, 
the more often you'll receive it! 
Every box is made specially for you :)
 Even better news? It's only £3.79 
which includes delivery too!!

Even more amazing news, with this code D7CG9NKD you receive a 
FREE box thanks to me (and the Graze team of course :P)
Head to the graze website now!


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