Saturday, 4 February 2012

Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung.
Style, beauty, fashion icon of the new age.
Alexa Chung, known to the fashion world for her effortless look.
Her simplicity when it comes to clothes has made her a worldwide
name.She is a muse to many fashion designers. She is a regular
cover girl for VOGUE, ELLE, HARPERS BAAZAR, and is of course,
well know for being on the well dressed lists, and is always seen
networking at fashion shows, and on the front row.
She is such a simplistic beauty, and has a likeability factor,
whereas some people can be extremely bland, not with Chung, 
if you ever saw her presenting on T4, her show in MTV. She has made such a stamp in fashion world,
 tha Mulberry created a much sought-after bag named after and inspired by Chung, called the "Alexa".
Which, by the way, I am STILL lusting over. I need. Still, and will always. Alongside this, she has fronted many a fashion labels, and has collaborated with J.Crew's Madewell on a womenswear line which was unveiled during New York Fashion Week in 2010 and has already collaborated on a second line.
 Vogue's Anna Wintour has described her as a phenomenon, and many other designers, have labelled her as the 'Kate Moss of the new generation'. She is the girl next door, with perfect style, perfect hair. 
I, myself, am insanely jealous of her effortless beauty, her hair is always so perfect, her makeup,
is minimal yet so elegant at the same time. She is today what Twiggy was in the 60's. 

I also mourned the loss when the lead singer,
of my favourite band Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner,
and her broke up after 4 years together.

The 'Alexa' Mulberry bag

She's just a classic beauty.
And, I find her just perfect.
Though, I have to admit, her legs
make me a little queasy.
She, has been heavier before,
if you look a old photo's
of her with longer hair,
she looked much more healthier.
There is always speculation with
her increasingly thin figure.
Is she eating? Is she eating disordered?
She has often said in interviews
that she is too busy to eat properly...
Take that however you want.



  1. I have Elle and I love that cover and the blues and her style.
    I just wish she would gain some bloody weight ;)

    Mwahh <3

  2. My therapist has the Alexa. I drool over it every session. It's my dream. First thing to buy with salary. Haha. And then the Harriet. <3 Alexa Chung. Loving your blog posts atm!

    Hope you're okay my lovely xxx

  3. I love her style! I just think she is a tad too skinny tho. I wish I had her hair tho. lol