Saturday, 31 December 2011

As I sit here writing this, drinking my cup of tea, my Facebook news feed is flooded with everyone's antics, photo's of their outfits, their drinks, their...lives. Then again, not just Facebook. Twitter too, Tumblr, every social networking sites I am apart from, you name it, it's all about NYE. And here is myself. Sat on my bed, with a hair and face mask on, drinking tea. How fabulous. But, you know what, yeah, It would be great to be out sipping double Malibu's and coke's, but, if there's one thing I need to learn to do in 2012, which I'm doing right now, is being GOOD to me. And, not going out tonight, is definitely certainly being GOOD to me, and I'm respecting myself. NYE is overrated and I would have got myself into a annihilated state, and done something I regret, which is a occurrence with me when intoxicated. I guess, I have this thing where I think I'm missing out on something. But really, what am I missing out on? It's just the same as any other night, except more expensive, taxi fares are absurd, and more often than not the NYE night always ends up being a disappointment and well, it's just far too overrated, so I need to stop getting myself all sullen on the fact I'm staying in. So fucking what. I'm doing myself good. I'm being good to me. And, really well that's the most important thing to me right now.

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