Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Life is beautiful. You have to cherish it before, it's too late.

Some sad news arose this week, following a 17 year old girl, whom I was particularly close with, Charlotte, the beautiful, and so strong Charlotte. She passed away over the weekend, due to complications from her Eating Disorder. It's so incredibly sad, especially, due to the fact she was fighting so hard, and had been discharged from hospital, and had so much life and ambition and aspirations that she wanted to fulfill. It's heartbreaking, someone who wanted to live. Too young. I wish I could have done something more, I was there by talking to her, and she was ill the day before she died, I know, and It's frustrating. I just want to do something. It still all feels so surreal and such a shock. It also, puts a lot of things into perspective, and makes me realise, 'Well, is this what I want for me, too?'
I don't. I really don't want this for me.
I have to.. try and keep fighting for everyone around me.
The thought of someone finding me, just makes me feel all weird inside, and it's just... scary.


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